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Interested in developing your first game or porting an existing game to the Windows Store and/or Windows Phone Store, well now is just the right moment! Free content, free tools for you to get started as fast as possible.

Success stories
Doodle Universe
JoyBits Ltd.

“Doodle Universe” Games collection has been built by using Visual Studio: Visual C++ and DirectX. This approach allows to reuse 90%+ code between Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 games. Games using intensive high-fidelity animations and graphics and unique Windows features: live tiles for game, progress, toast and tile notifications for hints, jokes and reminders > > >

Brave rescuers
Alawar Enterntainment

Is there anyone who hasn't dreamt of becoming a rescuer in his life? Now it's the time to realize your dream! The inhabbitants of Greenfields have suffered from thunderous tornado! They're wainting for you help! >

Space Kitty
Sly Lamb

Save scared aliens from the distroed space station together with Captain Kitty! Travel between shiwrecks and solve difficult tasks. Will you be able to manage all the tasks? >

My farm
Playtox services

My farm is a your paradise where you can plant and build the farm of your dream. >

Romanian Racing

Romanian Racing is a timetrial racing game featuring over 9 cars (including 2 police cars) and 4 different tracks. Beat the times required for every map in order to unlock all the 9 cars. Game is available in 4 languages: English, Romanian, French and German.. >

Cut The Rope

Hrănește-l pe Om Nom®! Cut the rope like never before. Jocul tău preferat acum cu un nou gameplay! 150 de nivele + multe altele care vor veni pe parcurs! >

The Sims

Vizor is the first interactive platform which allows to extend marketing and PR. It allows to organize online events, interviews, trannings, master-classes and all the rest with one service. >