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Mobile development

Mobile apps are now very much part of our everyday life. So learn how you can create your own amazing apps for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Get started, get famous, get rich or just learn how to do it for the sheer fun of it!.

And with the advent of Universal apps, the process for developing apps for Windows and Windows Phone is now easier than ever. You can build a single, cross-platform app and submit it once. This new, streamlined development and submission process makes it easier than ever for developers to reach more users on more Windows devices.

Success stories

Cinemagia: Mobile apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone are 100% native and designed for Modern UI. Cinemagia implements features like NFC, HERE Maps, Live Tiles, Deals & Wallet, Lock Screen Notifications and Background. There is a single Sign-On for major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Symbian) using Windows Azure. > >

Starbucks Russia
Starbucks Corporation

The official Starbucks app in Russia. Now you can tell for sure the location of the nearest café, which beverage is in assortment. The app also allows you to create your own bevarage. >

Yandex Taxi

Yandex taxi app will find a nearest to you taxi in minutes. You can order the taxi right from the app without calling to operator. >

Delivery Club
Delivery club

The easiets way to order any kind of food: sushi, pizza, desserts or some delicates - everything is available thru this app. >


OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is the one place for everything in your life. Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more. When you upload photos or videos from your Windows Phone to OneDrive, you can get to them when you’re on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. >


DEX is a Romanian explanatory dictionary for the Windows Phone platform based on the database. >

Vaggelis Diatsiggos

Film Closet is a full movie database where the user can find information about any film in an easy, quick and intuitive way. At this time, it contains information for more than 120.000 movies (number rising at a fast pace)!
The informative core of this app is TheMovieDB api. #1 place in the Windows Phone Hackathon competition, CODEDAMMIT 2013 (Greece) >

Thomas Tsopanakis

With Countdown you can count down to any event and date that matters to you. How many days until my wedding anniversary? How long ago did I quit smoking? How much longer before Nick’s Birthday party? How many days do i have to find a Valentine’s present?
This is an easy and fun way to interact with events and dates. >

Marine Traffic

MarineTraffic displays real-time positions of ships worldwide based on the Automatic Identification System (AIS). With the largest network of stations around the globe, it covers a huge number of important shipping routes. The app has increased functionality. Vessel positions by more than 80,000 per day, worldwide coverage of more than 3,000 ports and a significant number of open-sea areas, arrivals and departures recorded in real-time. >