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Summer is here and as it’s probably more peaceful in the office than usual, it’s a great time to catch up on all those cool technologies you’ve been meaning to master throughout the year. So we’ve made it easy for you and selected the very best videos and training resources around a number of key technologies as well as top development and IT scenarios including mobile cloud, web and games development, building line of business apps, workload virtualization, datacenter cloud extension, hybrid cloud automation, device security and management and much, much more!

Are you new to games or mobile app development? Are you interested in finding out about the сloud or do you want to go deeper in to datacenter management? Check out the resources and links to get started and go deeper so you can jumpstart your next BIG idea today!

Try out the tools you need for free to help you create your first application for Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 or why not give Microsoft Azure a free trial and discover how you seamlessly move your applications to the cloud.

Want to create your very own cloud? Build it for free and learn how to do it with our virtualization and management resources using Windows Server and System Center.

Stay tuned as we’ll have even more great content coming your way! Enjoy the summer while joining the tech elite!